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Tooth removal



Tooth removal is a simple surgical procedure that removes irreversibly damaged, traumatised, thinned (not fully grown) or irregularly grown teeth without pain. It is also recommended to remove frequently decayed wisdom teeth.

Benefits of tooth removal

  • Prevents complications
  • Protects healthy teeth
  • Eliminates discomfort
  • Planned treatment can begin

Why do I need to have tooth removal?

Although every effort is made to save the tooth in all cases, this is not always successful: sometimes the tooth is deeply damaged and extraction is the only option to protect the healthy tooth and avoid deep complications. Wisdom teeth are also at risk. They are often underdeveloped or prone to inflammation and infection. For this reason, they also need to be removed.

The process of tooth removal

In preparation for the procedure, the condition of the tooth is assessed, an X-ray is taken and a plan is drawn up to remove the tooth.
The patient is anaesthetised with a local anaesthetic: to avoid pain during the procedure.
Tooth removal
Once the anaesthetic has worn off, the intended tooth is removed with quick and precise movements.

What can be expected after tooth removal?

After tooth extraction, you may experience increased sensitivity of the gums, soreness and slight bleeding. All of these sensations will soon disappear and the pain can be relieved with medication prescribed by your doctor. You can soon get back to your normal life, without the risk of pain and complications.

5 reasons to choose us:

  • We use only modern treatment tools,
  • Everything is pain-free,
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  • Warm welcoming and friendly doctors!
  • We offer effective options for restoring a lost tooth
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