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Professional oral hygiene


This is a dental procedure that removes plaque that is impossible to remove with an ordinary toothbrush: mineralised plaque (dental tartar), pigmented stains. Professional oral hygiene is essential for every patient, regardless of the care and condition of their teeth and mouth.

Benefits of the procedure

  • Removal of mineralised plaque
  • Increased resistance against caries, periodontal and other diseases
  • Whiter teeth
  • Fresh breath is ensured

Why do I need professional oral hygiene?

This procedure is essential for a healthy and beautiful smile! Plaques that are not cleaned in time accumulate on the surface of the teeth, which mineralise and become dental tartar. These tartar deposits are not manageable with a toothbrush and increase the risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay. For this reason, it is recommended to visit an oral hygienist’s office 1-2 times a year, and more often if you have certain dental or oral diseases or wear braces.

Professional oral hygiene procedure

The patient's dental condition is carefully assessed and oral hygiene is prepared.
Tartar removal
Mineralised plaque is removed from the teeth with an ultrasonic scaler.
Removal of pigmented stains
Pigmented stains left by coloured foods, coffee and wine are removed with the Air-Flow system.
Finally, the teeth are polished with a special paste to make them even whiter and shinier!

What to expect after the treatment?

After the oral hygiene treatment, you may experience increased sensitivity of the teeth and gums, which will disappear shortly afterwards. You will be able to eat after a couple of hours, but you must refrain from staining foods and drinks (red wine, coffee, beetroot, blueberries, etc.) for the first day.

5 reasons to choose us:

  • Success of the treatment on the first try,
  • Best value for money,
  • The latest innovations and scientific advances,
  • Professionals taking care of the patients health,
  • Warm, friendly communication between doctors!
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