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Prevention of teeth grinding (bruxism treatment)


Grinding, or bruxism, is a challenge to a patient's physical well-being, dental health and aesthetics. Bruxism, manifested as severe biting or involuntary tooth contact, usually occurs during sleep without the patient feeling it. Unpleasant changes are signalled by noticeably worn and sensitised teeth and jaw pain.

Benefits of bruxism treatment

  • Eliminates the cause of the pain
  • Permanently solves the frustrating problem of teeth grinding
  • Helps restore worn teeth

Why is bruxism treatment necessary?

This procedure is essential for anyone suffering from bruxism. If this problem is not addressed, patients are plagued by pain in the teeth, jaw, facial area and even back. Delaying treatment can cause irreversible damage to the teeth. In this case, they have to be removed.

Treatment options for bruxism

Occlusal caps
Special occlusal caps, which must be worn at night, provide reliable protection against teeth grinding. The caps are individually made, so they are comfortable and convenient.
If the bruxism is caused by problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or muscle tension, special facial exercises by a physiotherapist can effectively eliminate the problem.
Orthodontic treatment
If the bruxism is caused by an irregular tooth alignment in the arch or bite, orthodontic treatment (braces or dental straightening caps) is needed.
Complex treatment
In the fight against teeth grinding, the most effective treatment is to use different techniques: both caps and therapeutic facial exercises, etc.

What to expect after bruxism treatment?

After bruxism treatment, many patients expect to have their teeth restored aesthetically and functionally, either through fillings or dentures. This procedure is necessary to restore the height of the bite, correct the shape of worn teeth and other defects caused by grinding. Once your bruxism has been successfully resolved, you can feel great again, live pain-free and smile with perfectly restored teeth!

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