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Invisible dental straightening caps


Invisible straightening caps are an orthodontic appliance that allows you to correct misaligned teeth and misaligned bite. These caps are transparent and practically invisible, making treatment very comfortable.

Benefits of dental straightening caps

  • Smooth, harmonious smile
  • Caps can be removed
  • Treatment is extremely discreet and comfortable
  • The patient does not need to change his/her dietary habits
  • Easy dental care
  • Allows you to say goodbye to appearance complexes discreetly and permanently play

Why do I need cap teeth straightening?

The importance of orthodontic treatment is undeniable: not only can you say goodbye to complexes, but also to the increased risk of tooth decay due to difficulty in brushing, scrubbing and chewing. Unfortunately, some patients are put off by braces. This is a very unaesthetic treatment that is not only uncomfortable but also irritating to the gums and tongue. Braces are not removable and make eating and dental and oral care much more difficult.

Today, there is no need to hesitate. The alternative to braces is invisible straightening caps. This is an innovation in orthodontics that has already received a lot of recognition and appreciation from patients. Invisible aligners make it possible to straighten your teeth comfortably and almost imperceptibly. Made of transparent medical plastic, this appliance can be removed, so it won’t interfere with your diet or your teeth cleaning!

How to straighten teeth with the caps

During the first visit, the patient's teeth are examined and an assessment is made to see if straightening caps are the best solution.
Treatment plan
X-rays are taken, digital impressions of the teeth are taken, and photographs are taken of the teeth and the patient's face. The information is then sent to the cap-making centre and a treatment plan is made with the help of the orthodontist. Thanks to extremely precise technology, all the stages, progress and duration of treatment can be predicted in advance: the patient sees the future changes on a computer screen.
Choosing the appliance
Individual dental caps are made in a special laboratory based on the patient's dental impressions.
Orthodontic treatment
The patient is given a set of caps and treatment begins. The caps must be replaced at an interval specified by the orthodontist. The duration of treatment depends on the situation, but on average it takes about 18 months to straighten teeth with invisible caps.

What can I expect after having my teeth straightened with caps?

After the caps, the patient enjoys a correct smile and changes for life! However, to prevent the teeth from returning to their previous position, patients wear special retention trays for a period of time after active teeth straightening is completed. These are worn several times a week, during sleep.

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