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Dental prosthetics


Dental prosthetics is a unique procedure that successfully restores damaged, worn-out or even lost teeth and their tissues by applying functional or aesthetic restorations.

Dentures can range from dental veneers to fixed plate prostheses mounted on dental implants. All dentures are manufactured in our laboratory using modern technology and advanced CAD/CAM milling equipment.

The benefits of dental prosthetics

  • Restores tooth function
  • Helps strengthen teeth
  • Gives teeth a highly aesthetic appearance
  • Durable dentures make it possible to chew and enjoy food without fear
  • Allows you to say goodbye to appearance complexes for good

Why have dentures?

Worn, damaged or lost teeth are much more than just a discomfort. It means complex challenges to your health: scrubbing, chewing and digestive difficulties, as well as loss of self-confidence and complexes.

High-quality dentures allow you to restore your teeth functionally and aesthetically, even in difficult situations. It helps you regain your self-confidence and the comfort of everyday life – after the procedure, laugh confidently without hiding your big smile!

Dental prosthetics options

Aesthetic prosthetics
If the patient wishes to correct the shape and colour of the teeth or solve aesthetic problems, aesthetic prosthetics with dental veneers is used.
Fixed dentures
This group consists of bridges, crowns, inlays and overlays, as well as implant-retained fixed dentures.
Removable dentures
This group consists of removable plate dentures, arch-supported dentures.

Which material to choose?

Fixed dentures are made of several different materials:

  • Metal ceramic is the most cost-effective prosthetic material: the metal crown is covered with a layer of ceramic. These dentures are the least aesthetic, as they are not light-transmitting and look artificial. Metal can be allergenic for sensitive patients and is therefore not suitable for everyone.
  • Metal-free ceramics are a very aesthetic and relatively durable prosthetic material, suitable for both dental veneers and functional dentures for front and molars.
  • Zirconium ceramic is a prosthetic material that is more durable than natural teeth. Zirconia is non-allergenic and has excellent aesthetic properties. Dentures made of this material are the strongest and most reliable.

What to expect after prosthetics?

After the restoration of teeth with dentures, the patients soon returns to normal life: they can enjoy the food they want, and their teeth regain their full chewing, phonetic and aesthetic functions. It is true that in the first few days after dentures, you may feel a little sore, swollen or sensitive gums, but soon any unpleasant changes will disappear and the dentures will last for several years and even longer!

5 reasons to choose us:

  • We make dentures individually for you,
  • An effective solution for even the most complex cases,
  • We use the most advanced technologies,
  • Pain and discomfort-free dentures,
  • Warm, friendly communication between the doctors!
We look forward to welcoming you to the Laidente clinic!