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Dental fillings


This is a therapeutic dental procedure performed when caries is observed on the tooth surface. During the filling process, the decayed tissues are cleaned, the spread of caries is prevented and the tooth is protected.

Benefits of the procedure

  • Protects decayed teeth
  • Eliminates the cause of tooth pain
  • Avoids the spread of caries and more expensive treatment in the future
  • Only 1 visit is needed
  • Sealants provide reliable protection for 5-7 years

Why do I need dental fillings?

When faced with tooth pain and tooth decay, a filling is usually the only solution. If treatment is delayed, decay spreads to the deeper layers of the tooth, can cause inflammation in the canals and even spread infection to the jawbone and other organs.

Thanks to a quick and easy filling procedure, your teeth are reliably protected against tooth decay and other diseases without having to worry about more complicated and expensive treatment.

The dental filling procedure

The patient's dental condition is carefully assessed and a treatment plan is made.
To prepare for the filling, the patient is anaesthetised
The carious cavity (hole) of the tooth is opened and the decayed tissues are cleaned.
After cleaning the tooth tissues, the doctor fills the cavity with a high-quality filling material, replicating the exact anatomy of the tooth.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Some patients may experience slight sensitivity after a dental filling, which will disappear shortly afterwards. You will be able to eat after a couple of hours, when the numbness caused by the local anaesthesia has worn off. Take care of your filled teeth as you would your healthy teeth and have professional oral hygiene at least 2 times a year. Remember: filling damaged teeth is the only way to protect your teeth by preventing the spread of bacteria and microorganisms!

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