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Analysis and diagnostics



Diagnosis and analysis are essential for successful treatment. We perform full diagnostic analyses that are essential for orthodontic, periodontal and endodontic treatment, oral surgery and many other dental procedures.

Benefits of diagnostic analysis

  • Allows rapid diagnosis of a problem
  • High accuracy
  • No discomfort for the patient
  • Enables more effective and faster treatment

Diagnostic analysis options

We take panoramic and dental photos with a digital X-ray machine. In our clinic, we use the most advanced X-ray examinations to assist in diagnosis and treatment planning, and to ensure safe, minimal exposure to the patient.
3D tomography
A CT scanner takes extremely accurate three-dimensional pictures. The result is even more accurate and detailed, with images in less than 1 minute.
We use a high-resolution microscope, which is indispensable for endodontic root canal treatment.
3D dental scanning
Instead of unpleasant impression masses, we use a 3D scanner to get an accurate image of your teeth. It is non-invasive, comfortable and very fast!
Digital smile design
This technology allows you to see an image of your future smile on a computer before any planned corrections and treatment have been carried out. Digital Smile Design is used for planning orthodontic treatment, dental implants, prosthetics and aesthetic procedures.

5 reasons to choose us:

  • We use the latest diagnostic tools,
  • Maximum patient safety,
  • Everything is done without pain and discomfort,
  • Professionals take care of you,
  • Warm, friendly doctors!
We look forward to seeing you at Laidente!