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Aesthetic fillings


This is a cosmetic dental procedure performed to give your teeth the desired look, colour and shape. Aesthetic fillings are made using materials and technology that restore the tooth tissue layer by layer.

Benefits of the procedure

  • Protects teeth damaged by decay
  • Often only 1 visit is enough
  • A very natural result is achieved
  • Creates a harmonious smile
  • Results last 5-7 years

Why have aesthetic fillings?

Aesthetic filling is recommended for chipped, discoloured, damaged enamel, worn, cracked, separated teeth, teeth that have suffered physical trauma. The procedure not only creates a beautiful aesthetic appearance of the teeth, but also provides reliable protection against caries and other diseases.

Aesthetic filling procedure

The patient's dental condition is carefully assessed and a treatment plan is made.
The patient is anaesthetised in preparation for the filling. The teeth are gently prepared and damaged tissues are cleaned.
The doctor restores the tooth tissues layer by layer, recreating the exact anatomy of the tooth using composite filling material
The aesthetic restoration is completed by polishing the teeth: the teeth are given maximum aesthetics, natural look and shine.

What to expect after the procedure?

After the procedure, some patients may experience slight sensitivity, which will disappear shortly afterwards. Take care of your aesthetically filled teeth as normal and have professional oral hygiene at least 2 times a year. Remember: with aesthetic fillings, you will not only enjoy more beautiful teeth, but also teeth that are protected and more resistant to bacteria and micro-organisms!

5 reasons to choose us:

  • Treatment success on the first try,
  • Best value for money,
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  • Professionals taking care of patients health,
  • Warm, friendly communication between doctors!
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