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Treatment of the jaw joint


The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is two symmetrical joints with very important functions: they are involved in yawning, speaking, and chewing, so any disorder can be a really serious problem.

Disorders of the TMJ are signalled by a stiff jaw, a twitching in the ears, pain in the jaw, face, head, neck, shoulders, back, and even damage to the teeth.

The importance of treating the jaw joint

  • Eliminating the causes of pain
  • No difficulty in biting, chewing
  • Can help resolve the problem of grinding teeth
  • No tension in the chewing muscles

Why do I need jaw joint treatment?

This procedure is essential for anyone suffering from TMJ disorders. Although these disorders can be caused by a variety of reasons (stress, faulty fillings or dentures, orthodontic problems, etc.), the result is always the same: if the problem is not solved, the patient will suffer from pain in the teeth, the jaw, the face and even in the back. As grinding is also associated with TMJ dysfunction, delaying treatment can cause irreversible damage to the teeth. In this case, they have to be removed.

Treatment options for the jaw joint

Problems of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) are often caused by muscle tension. In this case, special facial exercises by a physiotherapist can resolve the situation.
Occlusal Caps
TMJ disorders often cause grinding of the teeth. In this case, special occlusal caps are needed to prevent the teeth from coming into contact with each other. The caps are individually made, so they are comfortable and convenient.
Orthodontic treatment
If problems with the jaw joint are caused by an incorrect alignment of the teeth in the arch or bite, orthodontic treatment (braces or dental straightening caps) is required.
Surgical treatment
If the problems are very advanced, safe and painless surgical intervention is necessary.
Complex treatment
The most effective treatment in combating problems in the TMJ is a combination of different techniques: caps, therapeutic facial exercises, etc.
What can be expected after treatment of the jaw joint?

After treatment, patients can return to their normal routine: unpleasant sensations disappear, worn teeth can be restored. With a successful resolution of the TMJ problems, you can feel great again, living a life without pain and discomfort!

5 reasons to choose us:

  • Treatment planning is individual,
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  • We use the most advanced technologies,
  • Pain and discomfort free treatment,
  • Warm, friendly communication between doctors!
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